ISLM Membership

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Physician Member

1) 1 Year – INR 3000/- USD42.80
2) 5 Years – INR 12,000/-USD171.19
3) Lifetime (10 Years) – INR 30,000/-USD427.97

Physician members shall be doctors of medicine or osteopathy and hold a valid license in a relevant field as may be required by law. Physician members shall be eligible to vote, be directors and may hold office. Annual dues for Physician Members are to be set by the Board of Directors.

Physician members practicing in their own countries must be certified by the medical specialty board or other certifying agency recognized in their country. Physician members shall vote and shall be eligible to be directors, officers or hold office.


Membership funds distribution:

62% of gross ISLM membership fees paid to ASLM’s PayPal account to be credited to ISLM trust fund. After ISLM has received registration and obtains official PayPal account, the ISLM membership fees will be transferred instantly to ISLM affiliate system into ISLM’s PayPal account.

Be Our ISLM+ASLMasia
Practicioners Member

1) 1 Year – INR 2000/-USD28.53
2) 5 Years – INR 8000/-USD114.12
3) Lifetime (10 Years) – INR 20,000/-USD285.31
Description of that level coming soon!


Be Our ISLM+ASLMasia
Advocates Member

1) 1 Year – INR 1000/-USD14.27
2) 5 Years – INR 4,000/-USD57.06
3) Lifetime (10 Years) – INR 10,000/-USD142.66

Level Description coming soon


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ISLM Membership 3
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