The American College of Lifestyle Medicine has a new look and feel on their website. ACLM will celebrate its 15th birthday in 2019 and so they are excited to have a redesign of their old page thanks to the Webarchive. Let’s review the changes.


The new ACLM Logo embodies now the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. in a “hurricane” like logo with small inner colored bubbles. The new colors make the site much more “lively” or let’s say ALIVE, than the old traditional colors which reminded more to an US traditional Organization. The typical US red and Blue is now missing completely.

Interpretation is actually needed to understand what the logo means. The old “healthy” Apple as a heart was speaking for itself that ACLM deals with an healthy lifestyle.

The colored look and feel of the new site is much more welcoming the visitors. The top of the site shows a slider which is unfortunately switching so fast that it is nearly impossible even for experienced readers to read all the text written on those slides. The images itself look really great and for sure adjustments to the sliders speed will be made.

Below that top part we find 4 blocks introducing the website visitor to 4 main areas ACLM likes to address.

  • Information about what is Lifestyle Medicine
  • The IBLM Certification process
  • How a speaker from could be booked i.e. for medical conferences or community events
  • Video on Demand archive which offers video presentations for a price.
ACLM-New Website Header.jpg

The new page introduces links to 2 new separated sites build with WordPress – the leading CMS with about 33% Marketshare on all websites worldwide.

ACLM-LM-Question Bank.jpg

The LM Question Bank Campaign has its own top menu but actually looks pretty similar to the Main ACLM Website from its look and feel. Its purpose is explained on its home page.

The end game for this campaign is to get 75% of U.S. Medical Schools to use the questions we develop in their Categorical Assessment Tests – and then work with the NBME to put Lifestyle Medicine questions on the licensing exams. Medical schools will then teach to the test and expand curricula to include lifestyle subjects.


The second new page is the Lifestyle Medicine Economic Research Consortium (LMERC).

LMERC assists professionals from both clinical and corporate backgrounds in the writing and publication of data on the financial benefits of Lifestyle Medicine interventions. (

Let’s hope that the new initiative will help to transform the US Health Care system and bringing Lifestyle Medicine to many more Hospitals, Professionals, communities and patients.

Well Done ACLM – Looking forward to it!

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