ASLM Membership

The ASLM Membership Ethics policy is formulated upon and complementary to the principles of lifestyle medicine outlined in the ACLM Official Standards Document (1) and Physician Competencies for Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine (2).

  1. Members shall review ACLM Standards and the Physician Competencies for Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine documents as a foundation for membership.
  2. Members shall seek to develop and maintain core competencies in lifestyle medicine to a high level of professional qualification through continuous education since Lifestyle Medicine is an evolving field of expertise.
  3. Members shall practice and promote evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine and shall not claim results or outcomes unsupported by documented, verifiable evidence. When members have personal bias regarding best treatments, they shall nevertheless share alternative perspectives and treatment options with patients.
  4. Members shall comply with all applicable laws and regulation governing their individual scope of practice.
  5. Members shall act fairly, in good faith, honestly, and with respect to patients and other healthcare professionals.
  6. Members shall uphold the standards of professionalism and report to appropriate regulatory entities fellow members whose competence or professional activity could adversely affect the welfare of patients, or misrepresent ASLM.
  7. Members involved in research shall behave ethically towards human subjects as outlined by their organization’s IRB or other appropriate institution and shall represent their findings with complete honesty.
  8. Members shall not prescribe or recommend products or services from which they profit without full and complete disclosure of their financial gain.
  9. Adherence to the code of ethics is a condition of ASLM membership and members may be counseled or suspended based upon violation.

(1) ACLM Website: What is Lifestyle Medicine”: ACLM Standards
(2) Lianov L, Johnson, M. Physician Competencies for Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine. JAMA 2010; 304(2): 202-203.

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